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Class Information


At ADA, we base enrollment off of each individuals capabilities.  


How does this work?  

Initially, students are enrolled based on age and prior experience.  Once enrolled, the educated staff carefully observes each dancer for the first month.  Upon a thorough observation, the student is either left where they began or is moved to a class that better fits their ability.  


What does this mean?  

This means that if a 5 year old is initially enrolled with our other 5 year olds in the studio and is excelling at a rapid rate making them able to execute more than their current classmates, they will be moved to a class that challenges them more.  The same goes if they are lagging behind.  They will be moved accordingly.  


Why do we do this?

This ensures that each dancer is being pushed to THEIR fullest capability.  Dance is a ladder.  The bottom step has to be climbed before the 2nd step can.  The 2nd before the 3rd.  So on and so forth.  If a dancer is missing steps 1, 2, and 3 and attempts to jump onto the 4th step, they are going to fall.  Success is built in dance.  We do our best to make sure that all progressive steps are taught as they should be creating a well versed, able to thrive dancer.  


We start enrolling students at age 2 and continue to enroll through seniors in hight school.  Potty training in not required for our younger students.  




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